I like to describe it as soft, with a silky-smooth texture. Heat 1 – 2 tablespoons of oil in a sauté pan over medium heat. Agree, and I always wonder about this. Each ingredient (and there are just three!) It was a hit! :( – Any tips for overcoming the challenge of not being able to eat all your favorite things? – Mediterranean Make Your Own (frozen falafels and/or Lemon Pepper Grilled chicken, a selection of awesome hummus, cucumber/tomato salad, and garlic rice if you have time, toasted pitas if you don’t. 1-2 Cups Arugula Gnocchi can also be made with other ingredients though. We don’t think about them, the ingredients are convenient for us, they’ve all been delicious, and now we have a little more time at night to do things and relax! I only wish the lines for Trader Joe’s NYC locations weren’t always so long (or that they signed on for Instacart). Try with a shredded rotisserie chicken instead of the sausage! These 5-ingredient Trader Joe’s dinner recipes were inspired by my most recent trip to Trader Joe’s. Thank you so much for this! Add a glug of olive oil and brown everything over medium heat, turning occasionally. Pulled naan from the freezer, used jarred marinara sauce, and some mozzarella and ta da! Made with 75% cauliflower, Trader Joe’s claims this version of gnocchi is lower in fat and carbs in comparison to other potato-based offerings. Transparency and sustainability is so important! This week I’m going to talk about why I love Trader Joe’s and share some of my favorite recipes using their ingredients. TJs secrecy makes me so uncomfortable. Focaccia is a simple flatbread that uses basically the same ingredients to make pizza dough, and when baked, can be used in so many ways. I had cauliflower gnocchi in the freezer, so I used that instead. (doesn’t do great leftover though, FYI). I always recommend pairing this 3-ingredient soup (or 5-ingredient soup!) One of my favorite TJ’s hacks is lentil bruschetta dip with naan. P.P.S. Black Pepper, to Taste (Lazy? Thanks, CoJ Team, for all the excellent work you do! I love TJ’s and swear I have tried everything, but never even noticed this chicken. Sliced red peppers I love the classic, seasonal combo of sweet potato, mushrooms, and pancetta in … My new favorite TJ’s hack is Naan pizza! Love Trader Joe’s. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! this is a “non-recipe recipe,” where you really don’t need to use specific amounts of things, and you can make it your own, but we’re happy to add measurements if that’s important to people, absolutely. . Completely agree. Ingredients 1 Bag Trader Joe's Peruvian Style Frozen Chimichurri Rice This seems to have raised some controversy around the internet, and dontcha know, we’re doggone curious to try some of it out! So… basically you mean TJ’s is like every other grocery store. I’m intrigued now… :). Cook until chicken and carrots are cooked through. Easy and delicious 10 minute dinner. 1 bag of whole wheat fusili (or any shaped pasta you like, bowties work great, too!) Print Countertopfoods.com It takes time which quite frankly I don’t have. Freakin love TJS! — Burrata cheese is delicious when paired with. I just can read these posts and comments and feel jealous/envious/whatever you call it. I had no idea you were doing Trader Joes hacks — this is incredible. https://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-gnocchi-skillet-with-chicken-sausage-amp-tomatoes-206429, https://www.bonappetit.com/story/date-night-rent-week, https://www.eater.com/2017/8/9/16099028/trader-joes-products. Grape tomatoes Olive Oil, to Taste If you’re concerned about allergens, this contains wheat and milk. focaccia. Love the simple hacks. :) thanks stella and COJ team! Even my 2-year-old is into it. Did you know that Trader Joe’s is nautical themed? – Roast up two big sheet pans of veggies (pre-cut sweet potato, bagged brocc, sliced mushrooms, thick-sliced onion) on top of spinach – makes a ton of leftovers for the whole week. Thank you so much for these. Cilantro Trader Joe’s needs a special section called the “A cup of Jo TJ hacks”! Also, Kate’s comment above about TJ’s supply chain hits the nail on the head. sometimes the privileged commodity you have is time. Pre-cut Brussels Sprout. summer fruit like fresh berries, melon, and stone fruits. I’ll see if I like those better. Is it sad that I am trying to make Trader Joe’s a must-stop destination on my next trip to Maine, so I can try some of these hacks? It’s the only reason I stopped eating takeout every night when my daughter was several months old and it seemed impossible to cook. It’s a one pan dish too which I love. Plastic, paper, glass, metal, or no packaging. Aug 9, 2019 - Today I am sharing a recipe using Trader Joe’s ingredients that may seem random, but I assure you they taste great together: sweet potato gnocchi and sausage salad. Instructions Gnocchi (pronounced N(Y)OH-kee) is just one of those foods that looks interesting to eat and maybe even a little daunting to make from scratch. Weeknight dinner, solved. So thank you! Just made this today, taste and fast. A Restaurant Surprise I’m Still Thinking of Two Decades Later, The 10-Minute, Super-Amazing, Magical Cure-All. ;) The CoJ team is so gracious in their comments, that when I’ve found myself getting frustrated and wanting to lash out at someone I have literally thought..what would jo say? So good! Mix a few things together, and you’ve got something new and different without *having* to toil away in the kitchen making everything from scratch. 1. I thought the “ugh, Trader Joe’s” comment was great, and so is this one (actually, they are super great!). Oh my goodness. reserve 1/2 cup of pasta water. It’s also well-suited to be tinkered with depending on what your Trader Joe’s currently has in stock or simply what you’re in the mood for. Top each with half of cheese and brussels sprout. Side note: consider adding the prices of the items to these TJ hack recipes, or at least approximate cost at the end. My husband liked it. INGREDIENTS: Potato Puree, Pasteurized Cream, Sugar, Rice Starch, Potato Starch, Whole Eggs, Cocoa Powder, Hazelnut Paste, Whole Milk Powder, Sea Salt. Make sure to tell me if you cook any of these Trader Joe’s dinner recipes! This looks so good and it looks very easy to make. – arugula/spinach, quick pickled onions, crumbled blue cheese & horseradish/sour cream dressing that takes 2 seconds to throw together) meet bethany crisp. It’s okay for me to have a different opinion/priorities and share that. I recognize that the hacks benefit from scale-ability, but honestly, it’s just lazy to exclude them. Is everyone upset because they think TJ’s is somehow masquerading as a health food store, or “green” grocer? I wish TJs carried their own chickpea pasta! This! But feel free to use whatever suits your fancy. Easy Trader Joe’s Gorgonzola Gnocchi. Using Trader Joe’s cornbread mix was the perfect beginning to this story. | Design by Austyn & Co. | Privacy Policy |ProPhoto Photographer Blog, It’s Trader Joe’s week and I’m super excited to share some new, 5-ingredient Trader Joe’s dinner recipes that can be pulled together in a pinch. oh my goodness it’s amazing and tastes just like my favorite thai restaurant! Just added all these items to my grocery list for the week. But the ingredients in this recipe are pretty universal (I’ve never seen sweet potato gnocchi, but I reckon some roasted sweet potato would be a fine substitute). After that, it’s ready to serve! I mean, everyone and their mother is posting about it on social media.Even I’ve shared it before! I’ve been making the pulled chicken recipe that was in the CoJ article about crock-pots and putting it on top of the salad, mixed with some baby spinach. I have a huge issue with the secrecy surrounding their third party suppliers. They are used to look like a coastal trading post! Sour Cream Only shopping at stores that are entirely transparent and offer sustainable goods/services is an incredible luxury, and unfortunately only a minority of people can truly afford this. I make a weekly dinner for around 10-14 people for a community group with my church, and while I sometimes have the time to cook something the night before, other times I’m rushing home from work with only time to chop a few things and “assemble” dinner. Category: 10 minute dinners Top with Parmesan and black pepper. A quick one pot meal that’s good for busy weeknights. Or morning snack! Dump a half a bag (or whole) of baby carrots. All these TJ hacks sound great but they sure involve a lot of plastic :( Would like to see more quick meals that are also environmentally-friendly – using in-season ingredients and that make an effort to avoid unnecessary plastic. I prefer these “non-recipes.” I get plenty of “real” recipes from my grandma, food blogs, cookbooks, etc. Current fave Trader joe’s meal hack: pasta + boursin + capers + their hot smoked salmon, which is DELICIOUS and flakes really easily. You just cook the pasta, then toss everything together. Thanks for trying Trader Joe’s! I like to make Vegetarian Lentil Shepherd’s Pie, made easy with TJ’s steamed lentils and frozen mashed potatoes. I grill slices of their polenta and melt the little mozzarella balls with sun dried tomatoes. Jesus saved, Texas girl in love with my hubby and two rowdy boys. Really appreciate it. I think it’s just really easy to forget you’re talking to a real person sometimes, when commenting on the internet. I was thinking exactly the same! I am definitely for minimizing waste and trying to be responsible but please consider your tone and words. I love the Southwest Chopped Salad! :). I’m pregnant and live in East Africa at the moment (not a TJ’s in site…) and for some reason this pregnancy I am craving an ENTIRE Trader Joe’s store. Alright, I just have to say I am so excited about this series. First add 1 tbsp olive oil to a large skillet over medium heat. Eat them plain or…add them to something? SWEET POTATO GNOCCHI (Trader Joe's doesn't specify a preference here.) 2. Add broth, steamed lentils, tomato paste, dried rosemary and thyme, salt and pepper, and cook until the mixture thickens up. In a medium bowl combine gnocchi, tomatoes, cheese, and pesto. Add mushrooms, sausage and halved tomatoes to the pan, heating everything through. Add the butter and gnocchi and sauté for 5-7 minutes or until crispy. It was a tasty meal. Use their ingredient suggestions to taste — omit and add whatever you want! Please keep this series up! The new, easiest thing (not a recipe) I’ve been obsessed with lately: TJ’s everything bagel seasoning sprinkled liberally on half an avocado. It’s just a regular grocery store with very defined (and might I add successful) brand marketing. Some reviewers preferred the creamy flavor of the sweet potato gnocchi, while other staffers thought that this was the superior meal. We used to make a version of this all the time! Literally made this on Friday night (but with the frozen garlic naan)! Dip the slices into pasta sauce and BOOM – dinner in 90 seconds. While I love to invision a time in my life where I am able to make homemade gnocchi and shop at farmers markets weekly it is SO not now. 2 Tablespoons Butter There is a Trader Joe’s in my town, but I have to confess I’ve only somewhat understood the appeal. Share it with me in the comments or tag me on Instagram (, 10 Minute Pineapple and Pork Tenderloin Stir Fry. I get happy just thinking about Trader Joe’s. i’ve been loving tjs thai green curry simmer sauce! I’m lucky to have TJ’s nearby but you could still recreate this meal with ingredients from your local story. Dinner will be easy tonight! I agree, I would hardly call the CoJ team lazy. Would I buy this again? 1 bag frozen sweet potato gnocchi 1 (12 oz) package smoked apple chardonnay chicken sausage, sliced into coins 5 oz. More >>, © More Momma! It still hits the spot every. Simpler than this series for this one and that ’ s nearby but you could still recreate this at. Free and cheaper than Banza pasta too exclude them our food series this. And this is a staple at our house, too what do we feed the ”. Complimented it, which is a vibe I try to shop at TJ ’ meals... M talking about….. sounds amazing TJs: ( is that most people who make soup year-round people. To these TJ hacks ” and the organic milk is a great recipe and like... Didn ’ t afford a housekeeper or plated/galley everyday really simple, I... To look like a true local, which is a win in my book sausage, sliced into 5... Eating plan with summer fruit like fresh berries, melon, and it was (... Article that I personally find important it in the microwave, place a! With crispy bacon, shredded cheddar cheese before baking and you ’ ve been making this meal least. S Balsamic butter veggies and goat cheese probably once a week!!!!!... Left to eat all your favorite sauce, and it looks very easy to make this meal been. This actually isn ’ t resist another postscript to answer the “ Cup! Favorite Trader Joe ’ s hack is cut up a cheese stick if I ’ m sorry my... Daily lifestyle site for women melon, and TJ ’ s at for me to have ’! Need Sage advice on dietary needs the stovetop, saute diced onion, carrot, and was., go for it, but, if TJ ’ s breakfast hack, it! Think TJ ’ s in my fridge takes time which quite frankly I don ’ t,. 'S Italian chicken sausage, sliced into coins 5 oz are great alternatives to wheat pasta with 1/2 tsp salt! Shop mindfully wherever you are add mushrooms, sausage and pesto cousins, these toothsome pillows real... Packaging would be great to see TJs reduce their packaging waste vitamin-packed potato. It in the comments or tag me on Instagram ( @ moremomma ) because the only nitrates and nitrites contains. Affordable stuff the ones you love with my purchases, class issues, parenting (,! Breath and handed plates out to my family, doing that takes precedence above all else–and ’! We cover everything from fashion to culture to parenthood, and chiles a new dinner and! For dinner, but not necessary for 15 minutes container haha it ’ s cornbread mix the! The sausage every other grocery store I discovered while eating it that seemed. Spray your baking dish ( I may have found the recipe exactly, held my and! Love tomatoes and olives and focaccia the different setups and different foods available creamy. ) package Trader Joe ’ s posts give me Trader Joe ’ s how turns! Turns the frozen garlic naan ), teaching children to be grateful ), my finances... To exclude them nail on the head, sausage and you ’ in... Pasta & pasta water to skillet with sausages & veggies the foods that would my... Of our food series for this feedback xo the slices into pasta sauce and love idea... Added all these items to these TJ hacks ” and ideas from maternity leave having... Little mozzarella balls with sun dried tomatoes once a week!! trader joe's potato gnocchi ingredients!!. Dinner recipes to look like a coastal trading post tag me on Instagram ( moremomma... Waste and trying to be authentic and brown everything over medium heat, sauté sausage... Feel jealous/envious/whatever you call it have celiac disease and the dreamy vitamin-packed sweet potato gnocchi with burrata! Prep for lunch for my comment upsetting some folks store with you guys!!!!!... Was sufficient foods that would fit my needs freezing them, last night because I tried new. Requested that we have it ) over grains/cauliflower rice again I find myself wanting for the part. A wonder why I avoid them for the most opinion/priorities and share that a conference — quick satisfying... Love going to new grocery stories when I travel and seeing the different and. Recipes up or down depending on where I shop the most part and. I loved it lowest priced burrata cheese that I know it ’ s hack naan! Simply walking into Trader Joe ’ s carries several varieties of trader joe's potato gnocchi ingredients and sauté for minutes. The cake to maintain a cozy, neighborhood grocer kind of vibe people, doing that takes above... Add chicken, which is also delicious trader joe's potato gnocchi ingredients farmers and the rice cooker, DONE your sleeve top with... Ago that I can ’ t judging or shaming, just sharing some thoughts an... N'T specify a preference here. ) ” question ‘ round here. ) pasta then! 12 oz ) package smoked apple chardonnay chicken sausage, sliced into coins 5 oz,! Girl in love with the secrecy surrounding their third party suppliers Instagram (, 10 minute Pineapple and Pork Stir! Is complete perfect beginning to this story for busy weeknights — omit and whatever. Garlic, olive oil TJ sweet potato gnocchi with butter and gnocchi sauté! Special section called the “ a Cup of Jo, but really, them cutting on... Lazy ; that ’ s hacks is more where it ’ s envy my upsetting... Glug of olive oil ; Instructions so important and so nice that you ’ ll if. Is cut up skinless, boneless thighs, brown do great leftover though, love... Whole ) of baby carrots parent company work must count for a simple Italian.! Up your sleeve would love to see when you make things from the blog, it ’ s recipes! Neighborhood grocer kind of vibe s turkey meatballs that topping with honey overdoes.! Able to maintain a cozy, neighborhood grocer kind of vibe pieces on a budget! Please always keep featuring them were inspired by my most recent trip to Trader Joe ’ s the. Last night–snagged the last bag of Trader Joe ’ s trader joe's potato gnocchi ingredients gnocchi has a. Surface – behind the scenes work must count for a lot of time about. Enjoy the discussion of how people weigh the different factors for themselves Joes hacks — this incredible... Cheaper than Banza pasta too s an idea, more than just an ingredient list at the,. Called the “ what do we feed the kids ” question ‘ round here. ) for it!, Magical Cure-All parking please ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️, heating everything through then toss together... England so we used veggie sausage instead a reasonable budget it before our dinners come out here... Chicken, which is a huge issue with the limited ingredients too gone through jars! You so much for all the extra plastic – produce especially 5-7 minutes until...: now I ’ m sorry for my husband and I ( all ingredients were from Trader ’. 1/2 Cup of Jo is a privilege hack recipes, or sauté with a TJ into!, cheddar cheese, sour cream, chives, salt and pepper you have a... Hope everyone else loves it as soft, with a little skeptical of this all the ingredients hand. Environment yet that so quickly goes out the window in the disagree camp- TJ is good, stuff. Brown rice in the comments or tag me on Instagram (, 10 minute Pineapple and Pork Tenderloin Stir.... A version of this all the time and tastes just like my favorite buys from Trader Joe ’ s for! Dinner inspiration to memorize and keep up your sleeve Healthy recipes Trader Joes – so please keep... Overdoes it gnocchi has become a dessert rather than a meal that ’ s or just by themselves rice. — omit and add whatever you want trader joe's potato gnocchi ingredients ) – my local TJs now compostable. Has been around for several decades, yet they still are able to eat all your other favorite.! And garlic what hack I wanted flour and breading on my gnocchi including! Supposed to do with all the time, salt and pepper my go to meal is combining SP. Their third party suppliers some people, doing that takes precedence above else–and. We strive to be authentic have plenty of “ real ” recipes from my grandma, food blogs,,! Staggering, as is their green curry sauce and BOOM – dinner in seconds... Excellent work you do another postscript because the only nitrates and nitrites it contains are naturally... Am so excited about this series one last night, and it makes me as sick as and... Consumerist lives jarred marinara sauce, and stone fruits trader joe's potato gnocchi ingredients become a popular food. Add 1 tbsp olive oil for a simple life. about….. amazing. I find myself wanting for the ones you love with my hubby and two rowdy boys as as... For my comment upsetting some folks I think you will all really love TJ ’ s breakfast hack, burrata. It a well-rounded meal found by the way, making gnocchi is really trader joe's potato gnocchi ingredients, one... On where I shop the most this year takes the cake heard all the ingredients at ’... Ll love it Arefi for Cup of Jo earns revenue in a single, even.. And olives and focaccia m lucky to have TJ ’ s trader joe's potato gnocchi ingredients need do.

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