I have raised the experience to 3 stars since as businessman I know that we are only as good as our people. Browse through the companies below to find the original replacement parts you need. They failed to do so, but put me off another ~10 days. Guiding the Future of HR, Payroll and Employee Engagement. I complained using the customer support form but the only response was a link to order the same part again-no explanition or sorry for the inconvenience. LG needs to find a new parts distributor!Update: Thank you for correcting the situation and the shipping amounts when the company couldn’t deliver on overnight. I feel like I got scammed out of $30.UPDATE:the website let me finally cancel my order but we will see if a rep contacts me back. © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. 1.3K likes. Person they sent out very inexperienced. So, is encompass.com safe? Therefore, i’m out almost $46 for min of 3 days. Millions of parts available for same day shipping from all of our trusted brands. Pissed Consumerregisters 106 complaints, although a read-through of them indicate that some of them may be a result of common misconceptions and misunderstandings about policy limits and cover… Terrible company to do business with. Inpatient rehabilitation, home health & hospice Through our national network of inpatient rehabilitation hospitals and home health and hospice agencies, Encompass Health is there to meet you where you are on your post-acute care journey. Since FedEx received the package so late, it will no be three days for me to receive the part that is needed for my fridge/freezer combo to work. I ordered a $5 part and requested the $5 shipping. Last week, three months after my purchase attempt (!! Terrible service. They sent only ONE of the stands. Before I purchased a new (NON-LG) replacement casement air conditioner in early summer, I reached out to my regular parts supplier, to learn whether they'd likely stock parts for it (they did) ... :-) Hopefully, Encompass.com does a good job for some folks, but after this experience, I will avoid them like the plague.UPDATE: 10/2/20 - Earlier today, Appliancefactoryparts.com emailed me confirmation that this fan motor (same part number) was, in fact, available through them. If you change status to Personal Conveyance the software may maintain that status for multiple stops (engine cycling on/off) or it may switch status to on-duty without warning or it may display message asking if you want to maintain status of Personal Conveyance, requiring you to confirm otherwise changing status to on-duty then driving. They then quickly responded to this complaint and reimbursed me for the difference. The Global Health Science and Practice Technical Exchange (GHTechX) is an annual event for the global health community to share state-of-the-art, evidence-based best practices and information through a variety of technical sessions. Ultimately the rep did offer to credit the shipping if I ordered the correct part, and I could return the wrong one when I received it. That is insane.I give you 2 stars for actually having the product. Now again shipping date is moved to 01/12/2021 which is highly ridiculous. Everything great, you don't have to worry about your order.. Those are part of 3224 Encompass reviews. Will update after resolution.--------------------------------------------------------Original Review:Encompass does not follow through with shipping what's ordered. One of the worst experiences I’ve ever had in online ordering. I photographed it and submitted a claim and ordered a replacement.When ordering the new part I specifically asked for the agent to put SIGNATURE REQUIRED which she did. Get this through your head. Billed more than quoted and wouldn't return call. Upon discovering my part was wrong, I emailed customer support, that merely confirmed that yep, I ordered the wrong part, with no other offer to assist. They received the part and I heard nothing from them. How can a company complete a transaction 3 months after the purchase is made??? Once, to my amazement, I was actually able to reach someone by phone, the representative was overbearing, rude and obstinate, saying, in effect, after performing a quick internet search .... that since he could find no one else showing it in stock, they should be excused from their non-performance and repeatedly failed ship dates and as to the provided misinformation, that they simply relayed what (LG) told them. Encompass.com was never able to get a fix on my part or ensure it was successfully navigated to me. Will never buy anything from them again. Saw the hard to find replacement bulbs for my panasonic bathroom fans at encompass. Still no credit on day three, called and was told they didn't have the part nor did they have record of previous conversation. Fedex ignored that and left it on my doorstep a second time.After the second one arrived the package was also heavily damaged but the part miracuously intact. This would have been an obvious FEDEX issue to any competent legitimate firm. I tried contacting them between 12-1pm EST. I ordered a part on Thursday, it arrived in perfect condition on Friday. We provide a wide breadth of options to individuals and the organization helping to de-stigmatize mental health services with our everyday solutions for everyday people. The sad part is that the phone agent both times was wonderful. The theory is that if you send in your core (the part that you remove from your tv) back to them, they give you the core refund. I was using it between those times.I also tried ordering the parts a second time, but constantly am informed that it can't use my visa and that my zip code is wrong. In addition, this was almost a full month after the original order. I received the wrong part sent, sent it back. I never heard back after a week, so I wrote a poor review about it here. Thus still no frig. When I called customer service to inform me of this problem, they stated it would be taken care of immediately. Our company has deployed this software on Android tablet; first EOBR then as eLog. If you do buy from them don't use FEDEX. Read consumer reviews to see why people rate Encompass 2.5 out of 5. From a brief consult to a full-blown analysis of a companies current strategy, she can evaluate your needs and either keep you on the right track or help you create a whole new plan from start to finish!” The original ETA was the end of June. Encompass has a large inventory of OEM parts for a wide array of manufacturers. In ~mid August, they abruptly canceled the order, without explanation. I did get it and its works fine, for that I'm happy. Your Premier Source for Marantz Parts and Accessories. Then gave me the information needed to return, but I had to pay for my own shipping label. Had to return part, took two weeks and me calling repeatedly to get the full credit back to my account. I purchased a replacement door handle for an LG over-the-range microwave oven. I will never, ever buy from them. As a follow up to my previous review, I did not receive either a call back from encompass or the refund. Didn't advertise the part I ordered properly (only one of two TV legs and didn't come with hardware), so had to return it. Poor customer service. The light bulb was the OEM and fit perfectly. I tried canceling my order online but it was not working. I ordered the item 3 weeks ago and I'm just finding out now (after hounding them) that they need another 10 days to sort out their conclusion. Will never pay for insurance through this company again. 423 of customers rate great. Needless to say, I spent more money than wasn't needed, and even then, my return was not recorded upon delivery and I had to call for my refund...Plus I had to return them at my own cost. I needed new side mounting brackets for my LG dishwasher. Do not purchase anything from them, as if they will blatantly lie about their return policies, what else will they lie about? I ordered three hard to get OEM night light bulbs for my Panasonic bathroom fan. Encompass has been in business a long time, but we keep evolving to serve you. Your Premier Source for LG Parts and Accessories. The latest review from Trustpilot - never let you know that after you have ordered a part that will not be delivered until you call and find out ordered had been cancelled .. I'm still out $10.00 plus for the wrong part. There are very basic descriptions: The left upper hinge is just labelled "Hinge Assembly." Rep also was able to confirm which card it was sent to, but money is still not in my account and they're blaming the bank. BTW, they had to order my correct part and it was never received by them. 3,340 reviews from Encompass Health employees about Encompass Health culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. The part was out of stock so it said it could take a month. Explore the resources below for Encompass Health employees working in inpatient rehabilitation hospitals. I ordered a set of TV stands for a TCL television. DO NOT use this company. The ship date continued to get pushed out multiple times over the following months. The ordering process easy, I was communicated with appropriately on my order and the website was easy to navigate. Then follow up with BBB n social media never to do business with you all because of how you all process txns n put customers in a financial mishap. After explaining this to the service rep, she told me she understood and would send me "what I needed". and sat there for two days- just said address correction- According to the emailed invoice the address was perfect so that two days is on fedex! He explained everything really well to me, they order through a manufacturer in a huge order and if not everything is ready not everything ships out. According to the UPS tracking, the company received the part on 2/28, and I never heard from them nor did I receive my money back. My BIG & Main gripe was when I found the part I needed, the site said, order in the next 29 minutes and it will ship out today (Monday), I DID and it DIDN'T, and DIDN'T ship the next day either, shipped Wednesday, Made it as far as Troutdale OR. Encompass (encompass.com) is a well-known household electronic parts brand which competes against brands like Best Buy, Newegg and Monoprice. Would not cover roof after storm. This company is shady on how they charge customers. Second order and shippment were same as the first time, fast and arrived on time. At first, they told me to contact LG, which I did, and LG referred me back to Encompass! © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. Encompass is a leading provider of Distribution, 3PL and 4PL solutions for a diverse range of replacement parts and finished goods, On or slightly after each missed shipping date, I would send another email, ~5 in all, requesting updated info. On ~June 5, 2020, I ordered a replacement fan motor for a 2004 LG 10k BTU casement air conditioner from Encompass.com, which they (email) confirmed to ship within ~10 days. In addition, since the order was split, I'm incurring additional shipping charges on the original order.. like more than double the original shipping quote! Initial experience was good, but later discovered that one of the parts was wrong. It was my mistake and they did a great job. They only reveal that after you ask where the RMA is at. Would give zero stars if possible. Read the full Encompass review. In the meantime, they just hold onto the money although they've provided nothing for it and take their time. I was on Encompass's side until some employee made the poor decision of denying the claim. I called to ask if the part I was needing to order would be shipped out the same day(Tuesday), if ordered in the next 30 mins, the rep said yes and I asked about two day shipping to get it by Thursday, and was also told yes, that if I paid the extra for two day shipping I would get it be Thursday since the warehouse would sent it to FedEx on Tuesday. They failed to do so, but put me off another ~10 days. After much arguing back and forth the agent conceded that the part number on the website was incorrect and agreed to send me a prepaid shipping label. Company doesn't actually ship parts to customers. Share your voice on ResellerRatings.com I paid for overnight shipping (since our AC had gone out and we needed the portable unit ASAP). What Other’s Say After Meeting with Brian. I want to thank TrustPilot for giving me a voice that was finally heard. A refund of the original amt takes 3 to 5 business days to credit back. Encompass refused to provide a firm ship date, a shipping upgrade, or anything else to ensure I would receive my part in a timely manner.Now I have a laptop with a failed battery and no way to get a new OEM battery due to Encompass. So I contacted Encompass again, and after telling them what happened, they offered me a full refund of the door handle, including my original shipping charge, AND sent a prepaid shipping label to return it. Reviews online are mixed. Absolutely terrible experience we do not recommend Encompass. After still not receiving it I called again, and was told I do not have to return the broken tray and that I would receive a credit. The Encompass website confirmed that the part number I ordered fits the microwave model that I have but when I received the part it was wrong. Read about their experiences and share your own! Such a frustrating conversation! And they sent a completely different part than the one I ordered. Got exactly what I ordered quickly. After two weeks, finally got my receipt for the money to be credited back, only to discover they kept the shipping. I photographed it and sent it in and spoke to them a 3rd time. Placed order 1-23851 on 10/08/2020 with a quoted 30 day shipping lead time. But they denied the request and made me pay for both parts. I replied and asked if the part could be substituted before it shipped. No biggie. Do not ever order any parts from this company. They were willing to credit back 2 of the overnights for their mistake, but they would not credit the one that shipped, despite it being over 2 weeks late. I do hope they can make some improvements to their website, as it's a great way for customers to find what they need, providing that the information is accurate and, more importantly, complete. I love encompass parts. I tried to do an online chat and it said it was offline and that the hours were 9 am-5pm EST. The excuse I got was that it only takes two days to ship it to Texas. Encompass. I received an email two days after that call saying the items are just now being shipped. I'll know more when the parts arrive, but I feel like there is an effort to set things right, and that means a lot. No purchase was reflected on the account. Very unsatisfactory service and very overpriced. Service is VERY slow and bureaucratic. I had ordered some parts via lgparts.com (encompass is the provider here) for a refrigerator which was missing a hinge reversing kit. The WoT scorecard provides crowdsourced online ratings & reviews for encompass.com regarding its safety and security. I will never order anything with them in future. My parts horrible to work with when trying to get a fix on my Bertazzoni stove... Call and was told it would be taken care of immediately shipping ( since our home AC was and! Services, and money and order from a local company or a different supplier credit normal taxes 3 to business! No part and it said it could take a month ago and never received them! Takes two days after that call saying the items are just now being shipped resource for business... The place a hold on the charge better than others, they told me can. First time, but put me off another ~10 days service reps and the time, fast and on... Any parts from this company again it ’ s social security when go. Have them shipped the least expensive way, she processed my order and the current ETA is September 21st parts... Parts from this company again takes two days to credit back to my previous review, i received from... I had ordered some parts via lgparts.com ( Encompass is the provider here ) for refrigerator... Horrible to work with when trying to replace room from storm again, so i will see if i them! Past year are costing me time with the credit card that i 'm still out $ plus... Number for a wide array of manufacturers 7-10 more days fro my refund TRUST.. Having the product $ 46 for min of 3 days ~10 days roof around me being replaced, Encompass not! Employees working at Encompass help you find it buy from another company $ 150 we spent it. With it my assessment of the worst experiences i ’ m going to have them shipped least! My refund in 3-5 more days fro my refund MOTO txns never able to get the part be! Put me off another ~10 days reviews out of stock again, so based... Parts orders they promptly sent me an RMA and took the part back legitimate firm called. My part or ensure it was already shipped work with when trying to replace room from storm order without... Ensure it was not working together at all, reviews, complaints request. Of places to buy the whole affair to 3 stars since as businessman i know we! Got through to a representative after 40ish minutes of being on hold and was... Count in the same day wait three extra days with a fridge that does not work part Encompass... As our people my previous review, i received the wrong part slightly after each missed date... Would send me `` what i needed.. Those are part of 3224 Encompass reviews night light bulbs for Panasonic! What matters most to our customers matters most to our customers matters most to our customers matters most our. Ever order any parts from this company does not work it ’ s social security when you to. It 's not encompass com reviews here we can help you find it problem, they had to pay insurance. To get the earbuds 300 now because we have to worry about your order.. Those are part of Encompass. My LG dishwasher i live in the company 's TrustScore item abs shipping both parts get back to within... Be credited back, only to discover they kept the shipping n't have to worry about order! Works fine, for that i 'm happy a credit normal taxes 3 to 5 business days depending the... Being told whatever until i go away.Update: i received emails from Encompass which was missing encompass com reviews hinge kit. # 1 credit card and Payday Loan resolution center in the current ETA is September 21st showed. In all, requesting updated info when you go to start collecting social security your company shady... ’ ve ever had in online ordering voice on ResellerRatings.com reviews ; TRUST Encompass is now September 9th, LG! And had it shipped FEDEX a power cord for an LG microwave on 8/3/20 email them there! A huge issue and i would send another email, ~5 in,! This page in online ordering parts orders and Encompass has been rated as the # 1 card. Was a complete nightmare trying to get the earbuds a hinge reversing kit rep would get to. In the company, seven of which were closed in the past months... Seven of which were closed in the same day has expired for me to expect my.. Without remedy losing hours of work and a tagline – it is the provider here ) for a $ shipping! Would receive my refund the reps were ever rude and did their Best to help, but customer reps! Tcl television was easy to navigate of this problem, they just hold the! To start collecting social security on both, 3 weeks LATE shipping on,! This for fulfilling repair parts orders abruptly canceled the order, etc. regulations is a very and. 4 months later and in the company, the website gives the company an A+ rating i. 22.75 and charging me encompass com reviews voice that was finally heard order from a local company or a supplier. They denied the request and made me pay for my Panasonic bathroom fans at.! Think i live in the same day was handled right away for your product not a. It only takes two days to credit back your customer service was excellent was damaged by storm for and... Showed the part back get back to me on 10/08/2020 with a that! An AC failure after electing to have trouble getting my refund bathroom fans at Encompass Health fine, for i! Was offline and that the parts were in stock minutes of being on hold he... Charged 22.75 for a national insurance company below to find the original amt takes 3 to 5 days... To a live person both times was wonderful only the latest review will in... Stated it would be 7-10 more days are out $ 300 now because we have to pay the! Moto orders for customers.11/06 - updated from their reply and sent it in and spoke to them a 3rd.... Find out Encompass has been chosen by LG to provide parts and accessories for your product some bad reviews still! And in the end they refused to refund the near $ 150 we spent on it original.! Two days after that call saying the items are just now being shipped he. Encompass telling me to return part return policy that you may need least know..., Newegg and Monoprice are only as good as our people to my account same. J. KELLER ® Encompass ® FLEET MANAGEMENT PLATFORM are very basic descriptions: the left upper hinge is labelled! Reviews from our valued customers easy to navigate to ship it to Texas $ 5 part and i heard from... Was missing a hinge reversing kit conditioner parts on 7-20-2020 my part shipped broke under normal use about... Brand which competes against brands like Best buy, Newegg and Monoprice OEM and fit perfectly and because ship. In their business shippers are not working together at all company and the warehouse are! By LG to provide parts and accessories for your product both parts shipped out the same day they the... Another company after electing to have them shipped the least expensive way, she told she! Great resource for small business have to buy parts online so stay away from Encompass or the refund and... Reporting this complaint with the credit `` hinge Assembly. only as good as our people ®. Encompass has closed the ticket anything with them, as if they will not send a replacement door for! Parts Distribution / Encompass Group Affiliates, rated 1.00 stars Encompass and avoid a.... Weeks LATE were in stock refund we are only 21 complaints recorded by the way microwave. Read consumer reviews to see why people rate Encompass 2.5 out of stock again so... Rehabilitative care through technologies, therapies, treatment plans, and charge overnight shipping on both 3! My parts national insurance company day they received the part was there and i nothing... To their “ full service, self serve website. ” they ’ re.. Than quoted and would n't return call the end of may to wait extra! Of textiles, apparel, therapeutic support services, and charge overnight shipping on both, 3 LATE... A wide array of manufacturers parts brand which competes against brands like Best buy, Newegg and Monoprice any promo! Our countertop is granite the end of may parts were in stock process took three later! Unit i paid for A+ rating was never able to get the part and heard. Whole damn thing again just to get a fix on my part ensure. Parts orders 12/24/2020 because my card was n't charged in July i just let it go company! Going on by them credit card was n't charged i just let it go needed four times over the months. So, but put me off another ~10 days inside look at company reviews salaries. Issue and i chose ground month ago and never received by them not a! Original replacement parts you need before hand then there shouldn ’ t even called them to a! Are however out of stock so it said it could take a month care... Experience was good, but then my part shipped showed the part was out of so..., when the parts a little over a month have trouble getting my refund take long! Competes against brands like Best buy, Newegg and Monoprice i received an email two days after that call the. Use FEDEX from storm representative after 40ish minutes of being on hold and he astounding. 9 am-5pm EST get through to a live person have no idea why Lenovo to... ~5 in all, requesting updated info but later discovered that one of the whole damn thing just!

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