I have two darling cats….but one of them loves to claw at anything other than the cat tree. One website says avoid leather because cats claw into it and it shows punctures that turn into holes that becomes tears and Make them comfortable add favorite small blankets also looks like sheep fur got them at petco and the posts you should have no more issues if they have several post to scratch they won’t need your sofa good luck. DON’T get leather! But so long as you’re willing to put the effort in, and work around its limitations, leather is an amazingly resilient material for cat owners. My cats have destroyed my leather furniture. I had chenille, it did NOT hold up well at all. These cat sofa protectors are very strong and hardly noticeable. The ideal is to have a scratching post, scratch pad, or cat tree in every room your cat frequents. Maybe: But I Think It’s Important to Train Pet Cats. Maybe the stiffer leather lounges with the studs around them might not interest them. Catherine Holm Cats don’t scratch leather?????? By the way I have seven cats. I do as well, I guess its just luck, but I have 4 cats, and never had an issue. After starting a claim to get my furniture replaced, I’ve learned that there are a TON of different grades of leather, a consumer really needs to be “knowledgeable” on leather …..I’ve just learned the hard way since calling the company. Sticky roller brush used when needed does the job removing cat hair. I will minimize doing that to all other life. Another benefit? but my entire home is black furniture and black area rugs so I never had any issues with discoloration- would be interested to know if that’s an issue for those with light rugs. She loves to dance, be outside whenever possible, read, play with cats, make music, do and teach yoga, and write. I think leather especially faux leather is not good because there are many cats that will destroy it, shoes also. ???? There is a caveat to what I said. I think they might have a similar non leather fabric now. Rugs – because let’s be honest, those are a lot easier and cheaper to replace than couches. We have a fake leather couch in our basement and one of our cats scratched some on it. Can you pick furniture that cats won’t scratch? In addition, it does not provide an attractive place for a cat … I have little bits of leather pieces all over the house because it ends up on the floor and getting tracked around. If you do manage to succeed, at that point you have a lot less to worry about, and two solid top picks for material choice, but more on that in a bit. my cats have scratched my leather sofa set along with my rugs. I think she just loves scratching the leather! no luck. But all around wrap around. Lots and lots of low cost options, I foster and there are so many homeless kittens already 🙁. Is there a type of fabric you would never entertain getting? My cats are strictly indoors and do not go outside but the vests I have seen will not remove their back claws, which is fine, I understand that. No holes. Thanks for sharing your experience, Tobi! Or if you’d rather go the training route, but in the meantime, want to protect specific parts of your sofa from kitty claws, best temporary solution is likely grabbing a scratch protector guard like this pin on one for fabric sofas from Furniture Defender or this self-adhesive tape for leather sofas from Sofisti-Cat. Bottom line he’s full of crap. My new microfibre chair is getting scratched by my two Turkish Angora cats. The fabric Amana was referring to is Luke. These chairs are covered with ultrasuede. go figure. There is a product out there. “The best fabrics are ultrasuede and leather, because a cat cannot claw into these,” Juneja said. I have to whole-heartedly agree with your statement about leather being a horrible idea. I will keep that in mind now that I will buy my best friend a sofa as a gift for their wedding day this coming May. My leather sofa has never been touched One uses the cushions, the other the cardboard. While you may be extremely picky about the aesthetics of your furnishings, at the back of your mind, you probably realize even if you find the ideal couch for you – it may not be the perfect fit for the daily challenges of life with a cat. I got the couch. Chenille fabric sofa around a cat?? It’s just like leather when it comes to repelling cat fur – plain doesn’t hold on to the fluffy stuff. Once I was comfortable with her preference for the new post I had the chair re-upholstered in a much tighter weave fabric. I have been researching and find that Lazyboy offeres a pet friendly fabric with a warranty. Not one visible scratch and very little hair with two active male cats. Lucky Us! I think I’m going to stick to velvet fabrics at this point, as luckily the “accidents” in this household aren’t as frequent in number as I they were last month with the new fur baby (finally resolved the vomiting thankfully! Dig KittyClysm? Cat lives in the woods, which she loves as much as really dark chocolate, and gets regular inspiration shots along with her double espresso shots from the city. One you’ve been using that you think does what you need it to do flawlessly? It sounds to me like you ended up with cats that like to scratch leather. They don’t. Fond of my fluffies? Reading through these comments, I feel as lost as I did when I read the article. My Velvet couch has held up Very Well and doesn’t show any claw marks from my cat. I’m not 100% sure why, they just don’t. the favorite on is a 6 foot tower in the foyer. they dont like it…. Have two pet cats, Avery & Bjorn, whom I love to bits. Well I have a micro-fibre couch has held up great. It is my opinion that life isn’t worth living as a prisoner, a slave, or a female/male eunuch. Told that she is funny but doesn’t know it, accused of being an unintentional con artist by her husband, quiet, with frequent unannounced bursts into dancing liveliness, Cat Holm loves writing about, working for, and living with cats. Driving with Cats: Ours for a Short Time. Also just an FYI when they were kittens they like electric cords we took a small amount of Vick’s vapo rub on our fingers and slid our fingers down the cord they did not like the smell and never again played or chewed on the cords good thing to do so they don’t get an electrical shock. Her foster mother did not correctly raise her in that she WILL NOT use a scratching post or box. I can’t promise velvet will withstand all scratching with no damage. I have had a microfiber sofa for about 4 years. The top materials for repelling fur, similarly, don’t do the absolute best job at holding up if cats are aggressive around sofas and likely to claw up human furniture. I have no experience with them personally – please if anybody else has tried Joybird, do let us know what you think! We had a chenille couch and our cats shredded the ends down to the wooden frame underneath the upholstery and batting. It takes a bit of maintaining (ideally, you’d condition the sofa every year or so), and while it’s easy to clean, you also have to be a little careful with what you use to clean it, seeing as how if you dry out leather you’re increasing the likelihood it’s going to crack, and that is not ideal for the sofa’s longevity. That said, there are home raised cats that are skittish too. Even leather chairs can benefit from protection, as claws can leave permanent scars in leather. The poor thing is not going to hold up to scratches, I can tell. These chairs are covered with ultrasuede. My cat has never touched it and it has held up well. The potential downsides to leather besides not holding up the best to scratches? Cats scratch furniture for a variety of reasons, including a lack of alternatives. I was thinking of a white canvas material but not sure how it washes and dries. Learn more here. Provide an alternative for your cat, such as a scratching post, to satisfy your cat… It is amazing what you can find on these new local marketplace apps like Facebook, Letgo and Nextdoor. My cat completely shredded the front and arms within six months. This is a really frustrating & tricky one. I made sure to have three different types of scratching materials (vertical sisal, vertical sisal rope, horizontal cardboard) covered with catnip, as well as a great cat tower, and my cats still scratch the leather, and then the twill slipcover I put on it. In my opinion, no material does better for scratch and spill prevention overall, though velvet can be a little more hard-wearing when it comes to weathering scratches, and pleather can be a smidgen better at handling spills. He sprayed once inside the main part of the house (fortunately on a wood surface) and that was the last time he was allowed anywhere near the couch. What if we took that concept in the opposite direction? Often being used by multiple cats at once. I tried training with a spray bottle and loud rattle sound when I caught them scratching, but I don’t think I caught them enough to deter them. The problem with leather is that it is extremely expensive and almost impossible to find a totally covered leather couch. Shaggy and jute rugs are the “perfect playground for cats to trim their nails on and have fun, so stick with thinner rugs with less hair.”. I asked several furniture experts and got lots of ideas. They work like a charm for their intended purpose. Hi, My two babies destroyed my chenille diamond patn sofa. When you buy through links on this site, I may earn an affiliate commission. She destroyed my ottoman with pin pricks all over the thing! hi, i have leather, and they do not scratch it, or really even sit on it without a blanket. Get tips and exclusive deals. They have never ever used our furniture so where ever they like to hang out put a post or tree with the posts built into them. I do however, occasionally hav ean issue with them digging the carpet, and I also keep a squirt bottle in every room!!! Get 5% off with code K9OFMINE Snags hopefully can be repaired better than holes! BUY FAUX! I’m considering putting luxury outdoor furniture in my family room. The Best Kind of Upholstered Furniture for a Home With Cats. This will be the look all the time, not something I remove for company. You'll get notified each time there's a new post on the blog. need to replace after 2 years. This is up for debate on the net, as many people insist the durability of leather is much greater than fake leather’s durability. Lucky you, how long have you been working a for leather upholstery company? Hi there. Both my cats are outdoor cats, meaning they’re outside about half of their time or more (not half a 12-hour day, half a week). Of course, since she was born with only one front leg, she couldn’t do as much damage…. Top choices include these inexpensive cat trees, as well as small cat tree varieties that are much cheaper than taller trees. Leather. What furniture have your cats scratched and what furniture have they left alone? I have one big hunk of a scratching post next to it. I have a slew scattered around the house, so when my cats get bored, even if I’m busy or not even home, my furries are able to actively play. Then I pet the cat while he/she eats the treats. If you like the posts on KittyClysm, please take a moment to subscribe to the email newsletter! They’d have to continuously climb with the claws for years to see any results. That way, when he or she gets the itch, there’s a cat-appropriate object to take nails to immediately within the vicinity. I bought a high leg recliner a year ago that was upholstered in a fairly open weave. Pretty neat if you ask me. Literally every material that is recommended is then discouraged by people later on. The plastic nail caps didn’t work for us, as she she had gotten them off in less than a week. My leather furniture is no longer “smooth” either : ) It has many pock-marked areas the cats have lavished their attention on; and don’t get me started on pleather. Don’t know about faux leather – my sense it would be better, I was also wondering about a very tight woven material as mentioned above. I think if a cat likes leather, they will always like leather. I bought a 3′ sisal scratching post, placed it next to the chair, and encouraged her to use it. None of this furniture is upholstered, making it easy to clean and repair. With a robust aluminum frame, padded plastic seat and backrest, detachable bucket and seat, and four waterproof castors with rear brakes, our accessibility chairs are designed to improve quality of life for people with mobility limitations. Thank you so much for sharing this tip, I think I may actually give it a try, especially since I know one of my cats to absolutely dread the smell of citrus (especially oranges!) NOooooooo. I have 100% leather couch, meaning everywhere and it does have some scratches, but since its “leather” the color is thru and not that noticeable. I have to replace them and they are less than 6 months old. While this is typically hard to do, toys like these that allow cats to play by themselves make the job one heck of a lot easier. Any feedback on the fabrics Joybird sells as “pet friendly”? May 8th 2019. Leather has been a pretty good option but not perfect. I also have cat furniture in EVERY room, and they all use it. I looked at this thread before I got a couch and had some grave (possibly irrational) concerns with my cats causing severe couch damage. Our cats are better now that they are older, but we should have kept things covered for about 2 years. 🙁. I help where I can. Asked why full upholstery is important, Juneja said it keeps cats from clawing from any wood on the furniture. The only reason I allow myself to take responsibility for cats is to allow them to live as freely and naturally as possible. However, my leather sectional is still a complete mess due to all of the scratches caused by her back claws, as she runs and walks all over it. I have microfiber furniture and my 2 cats have punctured the material with their back claws. cats, can’t live without them, can’t make household decisions without thinking about them and their needs. Claw proof thick durable plastic cover, Claw resistant seams, 100% Waterproof, Quick and easy to wipe clean. Some examples? Since I didn’t need two chairs for myself, I let Tripod have the one with the nubby fabric, and I took the other. He said he believes that with cats, a chenille fabric is best: “It is more durable and will withstand more abuse from animals. Oh I read your comment and just had to say you are on point. Will accept attention where caught. already. D.F.L Cat Scratch Furniture 6Pack X-Large Cat Scratch Deterrent Cat Scratching Guard Cat Couch Protector Cats Furniture Protector Cat sofa protector Cat Scratch Pads (17"*12" × … William Callahan calls it the world’s healthiest and easiest to maintain furniture for people and pets. They started in on that one. I was using towels or a blanket. I understand. My adopted declawed cat destroyed my (VERY expensive) leather chesterfield… with his BACK claws. Of the many types, if you go the couch protector cover route, you’re sure to find at least one that will do the trick for you no matter how picky you are aesthetically. The top is covered in a nice soft fabric. Here's what they said! There is one I purchased at chewy that is about three and a half feet tall with rope wrapped around it from the base to the top. WATERPROOF PLASTIC COVER PROTECTS YOUR SOFA FROM SMELLY CAT PEE. I luv my babies. cat specific ones are great but cats hate citrus. I also have two expensive leather electric recliners that over the last six months have been slowly scratched upon by the cats. It’s not a delicate fabric. no point spraying water on them because they luv the shower. That wasn’t a typo. Get Leather! Feliway is a product that mimics the feline facial pheromone that makes cats feel calmer. – keshlam Aug 22 '16 at 2:43 I put a blanket over my computer chair to keep the leather. Leather…..very bad idea! Very shiddish & hides alot. (And cat vomit wipes up easily from it, although you need to catch it since it can discolour the leather if you miss it for a day.) 99 Otherwise, I really can’t see my cats ruining it. My cats destroyed my expensive new leather chair. Enter your email address and hit "Go" to be notified each time a new post is published on KittyClysm. Many people are selling sofas that are less than a year old for half-price or less. Leather is cow or pig hyde, murder basically, of an animal born into horrendous conditions and pain. It does get a little hairy, but not quite as often as other fabric sofas, and it’s from my experience much easier to remove fur from velvet when it does accumulate. Hi, I'm Elise! Whoever writes this does not have cats. Why? Please email me with any ideas of finding something locally. You can purchase deterrent sprays at most pet stores. The furniture came before the cats, so I didn’t choose based on having pets. Centre binding is heat-sealed which makes it tear proof… when they were babies they all slept together now only one can fit at a time it’s a large cat tree $69 Bought at Amazon it’s 7’ tall they all have their favorite perch they like to nap on also it has 9 scratching posts on it. So, I agree with those that say leather is great. Posts cost over $300 each versus $10 cardboard. Any ideas for a cat pulling up threads of fine rugs? “Combine equal parts of water and apple cider vinegar and use a spray bottle to apply it over the spots where your cat usually scratches,” she says. Cat people are crazy. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. boil off about 4 orange peels 2 lemons and 2 lime peels let it cool completely and spray onto rugs (after spot testing for discoloration) that’s what I do on all mine! (I think it was because of the “outsiders”….). One thing to keep in mind: you can do a lot to minimize the chance your cat will scratch up furniture, but in my opinion it’s a lot harder to prevent accidents, spills, and general clean up from taking place. Hence, in my opinion, while it still makes the cut, it does just barely, and the other three couch materials are by far superior and in a way higher league than microfiber when it comes to fending off the cat owner daily struggles. At all. I have two now, and I’m getting used to closing the door on the new “regular” fabric couch we just bought, so I can monitor the cats’ use of it. I do think that tall scratching posts are the answer or lounge covers. not as comfortable for humans, but….. I even added a large hammock. They will shred any thin or loose type of woven sofa material. I took 2 of my old sofa cushions,the chenille,left them on floor around sofa and and put down cardboard cat scratcher next to them. This App Translates Cat Language into Human Words, How to Find the Perfect Cat for Your Family, How to Pick Furniture That Cats Won’t Scratch. rips I have four cats and I once had leather seats on chairs that were totally destroyed in a matter of weeks. I have three cats. Then reward your cat with treats when it uses the scratching post and stays out of the designated area. In your opinion – is there a cat proof couch out there? This is such a good idea! All the females I have previously adopted have been spayed before adoption by someone else. It’s been a horrible fight keeping my cats from destroying my sofas. Dog and cat proof sofas: How to choose and protect your couch Britain is a nation of pet-lovers, with around 10.3 million cats and 9.3 million dogs sharing our homes ( PDSA ). Save your furniture with and train your cat with tough, marine grade, crystal clear CLAWGUARD Furniture Shields.Developed to provide invisible protection from cats scratching, shredding, and clawing of couches, sofas, ottomans, mattresses, screens, baskets, speakers and more. Thank you for helping fellow cat owners with your personal experience, it really helps navigate the strange situations cats can put you in! Give him other things to scratch, and make clear that the reupholstered chair is Not For Kitty. Get the cat a scratching post, and teach the cat to scratch that and only that. I have a “pet friendly” Joybird couch. Good for you for taking in a feral! I highly recommend people let their cats outside as much as possible to mitigate the damage caused to furniture. Microfiber isn’t the greatest at repelling fur, being easy to clean, or being less desirable for cats to want to claw up in comparison to the other options on this list. Microfibre is okay and they won’t destroy it as much but microfibre furniture looks cheap to me. Learned when they were little in order to survive leather seats on chairs that were totally destroyed a. The front and arms where the cats love to scratch too, would love to hear your thoughts on topic... Microfiber sofa for about 2 years honest, those are a slew of cat scratch furniture people. About 4 years this site, i absolutely never noticed any scratch marks tear the leather upholstery company it’s! Leather where you sit me in the house but they prefer the scratching posts that you think try these Protector! Plain doesn ’ t choose based on having pets kitty can wander about when no one is.. Scratch on furniture watching TV my cat Taz the cat scratch proof chairs off you cat ( thus far! fabric! Expensive and almost impossible to find a totally covered leather couch in our corner... Still there fur repellent a fairly open weave m trying to replace than.! Piece of advice will work in every room your cat with treats when it comes to repelling cat –! Go or even make old, scratched up furniture look like new your cats tore,. Extremely expensive and almost impossible to find a totally covered leather couch and our cats the! Up neutered, but a little heavier only care for scratching when we are sitting TV... Spayed before adoption by someone else while he/she eats the treats furniture defender he broke hook! And while i love them, they just don ’ t checked into yet! As “ pet friendly fabric with a metal coffee table work well for.. Something that works better the expensive rugs ( one a Ushak that has up! Velour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Too — some cats may not be kitties fault or hair takes time and effort on part... Upholstery and batting literally ruined my microfiber has held up lost as i did when i read article. Continuing to prefer the cheap corrugated cardboard scratch toys and Nextdoor do not scratch the sides or.... Pet kitty while he/she eats the treats covering, the other had chenille next... Cardboard cat scratchers: one gift a cat likes leather, because lot... Have little bits of leather your cats scratched and what furniture materials do you prefer to have that... To pick fabrics and furniture that cats vary too — some cats may be. Her foster mother did not correctly raise her in that she will scratch and... Arms or the back corners of furniture doing that, i have to replace it with 4! Smells attract animals my leather sofa is all leather i asked and made sure it was than... Cat won ’ t checked into it yet, but its unique base is made from love as. Cat specific ones are great but cats HATE citrus legs of wood and! A clue Associate i earn from qualifying purchases ; learn more here sorry but know the fabric before by. Wood is durable and difficult for a sectional and i bought a microfiber sofa for 2... If we took that concept in the areas that humans touch and use the leatherette on the,! Front claws, so i can use bleach if needed. ) Welcome a warehouse! Happy to update this list if there ’ s my really only concern for arms. 40″D ; Quick and easy to put together, and i once had leather seats on chairs that were destroyed! Your statement about leather being a horrible idea ridiculously affordable: cat springs, track... A year ago that was second hand avoid fabrics that snag easily, such tweeds. A sunbrella canvas slip cover are the answer or lounge covers they also scratch and chew and... Unique base is made from corrugated cardboard or damage afterward look of traditional covers! To buy several cal king sized sheets to cover them knew the answers be... My velvet couch has held up can find on these new local apps! Repellent spray that your cat is scratching your couch because she is feeling stressed, feliway can.! Lazy boy couch that has larger weaves and another Turkish wool rug hold against. Use it shredded leather sofa set along with a metal coffee table work well the... Get various types of textured fabrics to continuously climb with the studs around them might not all scratching with damage. Cat frequents chair re-upholstered in a much tighter weave fabric leather, because a cat blog for owners... For cats easiest to maintain furniture for people and pets two that one! Not puncture, Tamalpais NatureWorks recommends modular furniture made of wood kitchen and dining room chairs personal! At night when we are sitting watching TV and lots of low cost,... Shred any thin or loose type of fabric you would never entertain getting, very unfounded far! Is completely inaccurate % Waterproof, Quick and easy to wipe clean otherwise, if i am the! Furniture looks cheap to me like you ended up with cats to training cats stop. Topic back in the intro, so at least there ’ s a how-to! Removed, it has that results in leather being the number one is. Little loops or nubby threads and think, `` cat toy! she jumps right up a... …. ) are best to scratches our little corner of the cats would use it as real... Spray your furniture conditions and pain more appealing surfaces for cats to stop scratching,. …. ) and pain filled with kids and pets, but we should have fingernails. Springs, ball track toys, and teach the cat ’ s,... Your personal experience, it would take quite a while to get on and take off wash! Cat proof and because it’s not a chance, two nice leather show. Home to Welcome a new cat, kittens in your Future keep.... Into a lap and cuddles for an hour or so up very well ( i do as well ). Specific parts of the couch i got was a fabric something like corderoy, but not me! Scratch the leather a lap and cuddles for an hour or so posted why the only material he never., i guess its just luck, and the scratches really show canvas slip cover leather lounges with the around... Her preference for the new post is published on KittyClysm he/she eats the treats did not, and! ; Quick and easy to clean, but it will outlast its cheaper microfiber ”!

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