Tierra Baturi is…

A collaborative community; we work together for the good of all members of the tribe, and the community at large; we take care of each other.

A place to become and express your best, most authentic self; we are growing together, as imperfect beings, conscientious of the fact that we will make mistakes and learn from them as a community.

A place of shared resources; for instance, cars, internet, food, cell phones, bikes, computers, etc (as determined by collaborative decision-making)

A place where all contribute to the best of their ability.

A place of inclusion of Jews from all backgrounds of observance, beliefs, and denominations.

A place of inclusion of all people — whether or not they are Jewish — provided they are interested in living amongst people practicing their Jewish tradition, rituals, and faith.

A place where respect for the land is paramount, sustainable and regenerative farming and building practices are adhered to, energy production comes from natural resources, waste-to-resource management systems are implemented, and all practices that take into account the health of the land and those living on it now and in the future are considered and put into place whenever possible.

A place where daily life is infused with Jewish ritual tradition and learning; where the mundane is made sacred.

A place where we find joy in coming together as a community to share meals, to learn, to sing and dance, pray and praise, meditate and practice mindfulness, and generally support each other’s journey of healing, wholeness, and holiness.

A place where collaborative decision making strategies are implemented based on the belief of “each according to their ability, each according to their need.”

A place any excess influx of money is used to improve the lives of the tribe investing in infrastructure, facilities, courses, materials and supplies, and anything else that will help The tribe to flourish and enrich our lives.