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Welcome to Tierra Baturi! Here you will feel as if time has stood still since creation. My name is Mimi Hope, I am the steward of this beautiful land that was once the home of the Pericue Indians. I am originally from Gary, Indiana, but spent most of my time in the States living in Northern and Southern California. I speak fluent English and Spanish, and would be glad to answer all your questions and provide guidance in any way I can to make your stay unforgettable. Diana, our cook and housekeeper, and I are happy to welcome you into our “home” for a short or long stay. Diana makes a delicious Mexican breakfast every day, which is includes with your night’s stay. Her salsa “macha” is the Bomb!

This project is just getting off the ground, so it’s still a bit rustic. You won’t find $5 lattes, or a sushi bar in the proximity. i.e. we are not a tourist destination — yet. That being said, we have electricity, fresh well water (“Baturi” means “sweet water”), Telcel wifi, septic, a washing machine on site, and a highway that comes straight to our door, making for a very easy arrival. There’s plenty of space to park close to amenities or choose a spot that’s more secluded and dry camp while still being a short drive away from Todos Santos, La Paz, and Cabo San Lucas.

About the place…there is so much to explore. You can take a different hike every day, wandering rolling hills with views to the Sierra mountains and the Pacific Ocean or trek through the arroyos (dry river beds). This tranquil land is filled with beautiful colored quartz, hundreds of year old cacti, and is flanked by arroyos with lovely shade and gorgeous foliage teeming with plant and animal life. Retreat into the silence and stark beauty of the Baja desert.

We have fresh organic vegetables growing in our garden, which you can feel free to partake of. We are home currently to male and female of each species: goats, sheep, chickens, and a one horse named “Whiskey” (available for hourly or daily rental — verry tame). If you get up early enough you can help us feed them! (or take the afternoon shift)

Only 40 minutes from Todos Santos and 1 hour from La Paz by highway, we are very accessible to all tourist activities, gourmet restaurants, coffee shops, galleries, snorkel and diving tours, whalewatching, fishing, trips to Isla Espiritu Santo and on and on. We offer horseback riding and ATV tours on site. We are only a 10 minute drive from the beach which is completely empty as if made for you alone. There are two vehicles on site which can be rented for the day, one Honda Fit and one Hummer H3 4×4. The daily rental is $40 usd and $50 usd respectively. Just bring the gas tank back with as much gas as you found it.

We have a beautiful, large palapa to hang out in the shade and a hammock where you will enjoy the best siesta EVER!

We would love to welcome you to visit our space! Give us a call!


$500 pesos / night including breakfast!

including electricity, wifi, water, and septic

A typical Baturi breakfast usually includes regional machaca burritos, flour tortillas, refried beans, fresh salsa, and cafe de talega, delicious coffee made the local way!

Nuestra casa es su casa!

Get in touch to book a spot:

Manager: Mimi Hope Abraham


+52 612 156 6347

whatsapp: +1510 999 1120

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