About Tierra Baturi

Tierra Baturi is a Jewish intentional sustainable community located outside Todos Santos, BCS, Mexico with Jewish tradition, learning, and spirituality at its core.

The goal of its community members is to live in harmony with each other, with the land, and with the surrounding communities drawing from the ancient wisdom of our tribal history to guide our path.

The heart of Baturi will be its “mishkan” — sacred communal gathering space — surrounded by areas designated for learning, practice, meditation, song/dance — with an adjacent communal dining area.

Community members receive — or will be free to construct — housing.

A farm managed and operated by community members will provide food for the inhabitants, as well as for the surrounding community. We will seek to create as much biodiversity as possible. We will use only organic and regenerative farming techniques and incorporate methods of permaculture.

The community will be adjacent to a residential community that will support the activities of the cooperative through the payment of an HOA fee.

The community will seek to use entirely renewable sources of power, incorporate waste-to-resource management techniques, and re-use of greywater for landscape irrigation.

The care of community members will be viewed as sacred — whether this is spiritual care through lifecycles, healing care, elderly care, or the care for and education of children.

The community members will be a part of a cooperative that will make decisions in a group for the benefit of all.

Leadership will be based on earned authority and will aim to be inclusive and intentionally seek to give a voice to historically marginalized groups, including women, people of color, and LGBTQ+.

This community will not be restricted to Jews only. There will be a pluralistic approach to honoring Kashrut and Shabbat observance.

As the community grows, we will develop covenants that will incorporate the wisdom of all members.

To have a conversation about how you can form a part of this project or community, please first fill out this form. We will contact you shortly thereafter to set up a video meeting/conversation. Thank you for interest!